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Vaalthu Idea and Inspiration

Vaalthu Idea and Inspiration

Latest news 29 Nov 2020

It is an amazing feeling to look back and reread those old greeting cards from friends & relatives stacked up in an attic or a cupboard!

Memories come flooding back and smiles appear across our faces. One of many reasons - our museums are filled with old letters written by people to each other; and are preserved for the next generation.

All the effort that goes into writing a personal note in a greeting card - content, the choice of the card and postal stamps that you stick over it, and dropping it off in the postal mailbox. The best part is the time it takes to reach at a snail’s pace in this today’s fast pace world!

At the same time with the recent technological advancements around Augmented Reality:

  • It is possible to bring the personalized store buying experience to home
  • Catch Pokemon around the world

Why not provide a platform for users to create personalized greeting cards with handwritten notes along with some Augmented reality experience?

Vaalthu was born!

The idea was perceived 3 years ago coming back from the beach vacation. We registered the “Vaalthu” website right away; but due to other priorities, we did not get time to work on it. We celebrated this Thanksgiving Day with just four of us due to Covid 19 pandemic - away from our friends and extended families! Thats when we decided to give life to the Vaalthu.

Fun fact: “Vaalthu” means “Greeting” in Tamil language.

Vaalthu will sure provide the warmth of personal touch covering the BEST of both physical and virtual worlds!