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How does it work?

How does it work?

Latest news 20 Dec 2020

Vaalthu is an mobile app that gives life to the static greeting cards by using augmented reality technology. It is in pre-beta stage.

If you received a Vaalthu augmented reality greeting card,

  • Download the Vaalthu mobile app from the App store.

    Play Store

  • Open the Vaalthu App in the Android phone or tablet.

  • Scan the photo in the greeting card.

  • Watch the video playback from the sender with sound!

  • Here’s a quick demo video explaining how it works after the Vaalthu app is downloaded:

** With the short amount of time, we could only do the minimum viable product(MVP) which supports Android devices(phone & tablet).

** Right now it only supports video playback. We are also working on showing 3D models (just like Pokemom Go game). Coming soon..

The charm of connecting with people through paper and pen in a Greeting card is amazing! The handwritten letter is back and this trend is a perfect demonstration of the value of old fashioned Handwritten notes.

‘Augmented reality’ technology provides the opportunity to turn the ordinary paper greeting card to a screen on which you can watch a video with sound!

Vaalthu provides the warmth of personal touch covering the BEST of both physical and virtual worlds!